Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Vlogvertising News

Everyone is talking about "Vlogervetising". I have to tip my hat to Anil over a MobuzzTV for making some incredible new ground on this. He is airing Levi's commercials a full week before they are being released on Radio and TV. Anil is selling vlogvertising (advertising) space really cheap. He's not selling it for the 40K that Rocketboom is getting, which is a lot of DOSH for Andrew and Amanda. Andrew sold his space in an auction on e-bay, but Anil is trying another apporach keeping it so low that even school children can buy ads for his episodes if they want. I know what you are saying, doesn't have much of an audience, right? Well with over 1.5 million downloads last december, and his vlog being in both Spanish and English daily, I think Anil has got somthing to be proud about, and I aplaud him for keeping advertising sales low enough that even the locals can get it on it. Way to go Anil!

It will be very interesting to me to see how this pans out with which biz model will be more viable, and I also think that there will be different approaches for different vlogs. Time will tell I guess.


  • if its that affordable maybe I should go advertize my own program on mobuzz... I love spanish mobuzz.. I start every morning with "Nos vemos mañana en mobuzztv"

    Blogger Bicyclemark | 1:00 PM |  

  • I'm not sure exactly how much but i believe it's around €40 last time I heard.

    Blogger gabemac | 4:20 AM |  

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