Friday, March 24, 2006

250,000 vlogs and growing!

Peter Van Dijk reported today that he counts 250,000 video on on the Yahoo Video Blogging Group:
We've counted today (since Dec 2004) 250,049 videos in the vlogosphere
at mefeedia. Numbers are always just numbers, and who cares how many we have, but I thought that was nice anyway. On to 1,000,000!

That's GREAT NEWS PETER! Although this is difficult territory. Earlier this year Peter censored all of Madge's videos on in his mefeed
ia directory. Mefeedia shows thumbnail of all the videos in a feed. A very nice feature if your looking for videos. However for Insanefilms these were all replaced with censored thumbnail. And I have to say that pretty much ONLY the insane films videos had this. Even though insane films DOESN'T show only vagina's with cigarettes hanging out. I even had one of my films of being harassed by Dutch police on insane films. Should that be censored?

In any case after Madge and a number of other vloggers complained, Peter has re-instated the original thumbnail. Thank goodness. It just goes to show that there isn't any directory out there YET that the users have control over.

Another case in point, WHY THE HELL IS MY XOLO CRIBS EPISODE USED AS THE DATING THUMBNAIL ON DAILYMOTION.COM? Not that I mind the viewers, but I'm not dating folks. Something to think about.


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